Psychosomatic Love and Puppies

Hooboy. I'm sleepy. I'm always sleepy. Work was pretty typical, I gave people food... there were a lot of gluten free orders today. etc. And one dad brought his two year old (I'm guessing on age here) to order a mousetrap sandwich. She had a huge gash on her face and the women sitting behind him looked very concerned. One woman leaned over and asked, "Excuse me, what happened to her face?" She turned right around and explained, "I fell out of my stroller!" She talked to me for a bit about the scab on her face, falling out of the stroller, being hungry for her sandwich... then she knocked over her cup of water. So I gave her a to-go cup and she thanked me. I enjoyed her very much.

I went over to Jeremy's because they were having a 70% off sale on swim suits. Isn't that nice? So I got half of a swim suit for 1.80. COOL RIGHT? MONEY SAVED AND STUFF. After I got back to the restaurant to wait for a ride home, I decided to sit outside to cool off. One of the people who live in the park walked by with their dogs. He had a beautiful white snowball that was probably still a puppy. She stopped her owner and came over to look at me. I moved to pet her, so she jumped a foot in the air. "Would you mind terribly if I let her get to know you? I want to her to meet more people." How am I supposed to turn down an offer to meet a puppy? So I sat there as she tried to eat all of the cheese off my clothes until she put her paw in my hand, sat down, and insisted I pet her. It was adorable.

Heidi and I came home to some dogs desperate for walkies. So we took them down to the BofA and Divisadero. As we were walking, there was a massive crashing noise. I have no idea what happened, but two cars were absolutely decimated... one was thrown back on the sidewalk. No one seemed hurt, but they blocked traffic for a good couple of hours. So we trotted around the spectators (and the thousands of dogs stopped to watch) and plodded up Divisadero. (Do you like my adjectives for "walk"? I'm trying to practice being a thesaurus.) We had a grand ol' time avoiding snack sized pups until we walked into a group of four people.

First of all, one was English. From London.

"Oh. My. God. I love pitbulls! Can I pet her?" As he bent down to pet Stella, the two ladies and the other gentleman descended upon us to shower love upon the dogs. Stella gave everyone's face a thorough cleaning as the girls squealed and took pictures to send to their friends. They wanted to know Tilly's breed ("dog") and were thrilled that they were both rescues, which led to more doggie kisses. Right in the middle of this dog love fest, a man walked up to all of us and asked for a bit of our time (that's a bad way to start any story). He entered a contest for KMEL106 R&B Radio for their Home Turf competition. He was one of the finalists and if his song wins, they play it on the radio on Friday. He showed me how I could vote on my phone. (Link here. Vote for "Psychosomatic Love" by Alejandro Adam) I hope he wins. He was very earnest.

The dog loving crew continued to thank us for adopting the dogs and letting them shower Tilly and Stella with love after Alejandro walked off.. I assume they were bartenders/waiters at the bar we were standing in front of. "Just so you guys know, this bar is very dog friendly, sometimes we have more dogs than people!" Of course, dog friendly means we can't bring ours near there. Shoot. But the British bartender hugged both of us and there was another round of thank yous.

Lots of hugging and dog love tonight.


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