Not Your Bubbe's Matzoballs

I slept late for the first time in a while. It was incredibly nice. Aaaah, sleep. I've missed you. You know, a good night sleep can be hard to find. You get all restless, fidget-y... thirsty... but I digress. A little bit.

I hitched a ride into the Mission with Heidi so I could wander around a bit. Valencia has some interesting little stores and a great Italian deli, Lucca's. Heidi and I are planning on making pizza tomorrow night, so I had to pick up a few things. Mainly, whole canned tomatoes, pecorino cheese and fresh mozzarella. I also got anchovies because we love each other. Mmmm.... little dead fishies. But I got a little distracted on my walk by a comic book store... *sigh*... I love comic books. I bought Neil Gaiman's Sandman #1 and proceeded to read it in a coffee place called La Boheme. I might have read all of it in one go. It's so fantastic... Gaiman has such style.

So I sat in the cafe for a good hour and a half. Reading a book. I'm so adventurous in this city. (I should really go to museums or something... but that takes a little planning, no?)

Early in the day, we decided that we were going to meet at Wise Sons Deli for lunch. Oh my god. It was delicious. I had an egg cream, their club sandwich and I tried pickles for the first time. Noooot bad. Not bad at all. I could get used to it. And did I mention the babka? Straight out of my childhood, seriously. We stuffed ourselves and had massive food comas on the way back to the car. (We found more 'poisonfruit trees', which I scaled to retrieve the treasures (aka poisonfruit) at the tippy-top.

We assembled some pretty fabulous pizza dough tonight while Nate was at band practice. After throwing it in the fridge to rise, we put on True Romance. The cast was fantastic, the whole thing was great. I love Christian Slater. I'm loving everything today... I'm so stuffed with food.


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