I have cuts all over my fingers. I don't know how they got there, but they're there. And there's a cut on my wrist. From my watch. Another gash thing in the crook of my arm because I dragged the sharp end of the cheddar bin (20 lbs of cheddar). Good thing I've already been fingerprinted, amiright?

Today was so much nicer than the two-marathon-plus-baseball-game-crowd-line-out-the-door-all-day. Mostly, I think, because it was a Sunday. People are so much nicer on Sundays. Or maybe I'm making that up because I'm so gosh darned tired from yesterday that someone could have been yelling at me and I would have just seen daisies everywhere instead. Or something. A man told me I had an infectious smile. "When you smile, it makes me smile. It is very nice." Then another guy told me I had pretty eyes... but I'm pretty sure he stumbled in from the bar across the street... so.

I spent most of the day on register, which I enjoy because I get to smile and be generally pleasant all day. Then I can go home and feel justified in my cynicism and general hatred for the people around me. Ahhh, it's so nice when that happens. There was a very lovely family that came in to the restaurant. They were visiting from Virginia and had found the restaurant featured on a website all about what to do if you only had one day in San Francisco. Another couple came in and ordered a couple sandwiches. They were totally adorable in their preppy, pastel clothing. Pastel is such a nice change from the orange and black sea that is the Giants Crowd. I translated the couple's name tag slogan from the French correctly and they were very surprised. "YOU SPEAK GERMAN?" Wait. That makes no sense. I totally meant French. But the sentiment is the same. I mean. preserve our hearts is NOT difficult. But I got to look all impressive and stuff.

Dinner was good.

Raw, Marinating Beef

Finished product!


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