Weekend of BUSYBUSY (And the Big Cheese's Birthday)

Saturday was RIDICULOUS. The patio was filled before we even opened the door and we stayed 30 minutes behind on sandwiches the entire day. We also closed early as soon as we saw the Giants fans filing back from the game. (After-gamers are hella scary...) I ALSO MANAGED. Yea, that's right. I had RESPONSIBILITIES. (You know you're impressed.)

But the best reward for such a challenging day was coming home with ribs awaiting us. Nate spent nine hours smoking these delicious, savory hunks of dead animal. That's a loving description, deal with it. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I kid you not.

Today was a slow-ish day at the restaurant, but it was a shift full of the new people and a couple of us went around asking customers their favorite pick-up line. The looks we got were fabulous.

The added incentive today? Going over to Nikki and Elvis' to watch the newest episode of TRUE BLOOD. Oh baby, was it good. Nikki also had grabbed some awesome raspberry chocolate cake to celebrate Nate's birthday! *happybirthdaytoyouhappybirthdaytoyouhappybirthdaydearnathanhappybirthdaytoyou*


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