A Weekend FULL of Music!

So Friday night Nate's band had a gig! (At Ireland's 32... remember that place from last year?) It was a load of fun and there was dancing aplenty. Heidi captained the dance floor and by the end of the night a bunch of metalheads were rocking out like no other. The weird thing is... they knew all the songs too. They were head banging to Michael Jackson.

Saturday was a very busy day at work. I was on the opening shift so I got to make sure everything was awesome and stuff for... well... opening. We went to a friend's house for dinner and Heidi make lemon roasted chicken and a delicious crab soup. I brought the cheese sampler and we played Presidents (great card game) till late.

Sunday was the chillest day I've ever had working there. There was no game that day and nothing going on in the neighborhood, so it was pretty slow.

Monday was just a typical Monday. Not too busy, but not slow enough to just stand around. Nate and I went to band practice and I just listened and played with the dog. (Morrison) He's wicked sweet, very lovey.

And today! Hoorah! I'm going to a college visit at Occidental!


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