SORRY! I DIDN'T ABANDON YOU, I SWEAR! (Maybe I did... a little bit...)

Crap... I guess I should do a recap? *cue cheers from crowd*

I did a tiny bit of sightseeing in the evening when walking the dogs... I have a picture of the Painted Ladies and a very foggy skyline that I'll post when I hook my phone up to my computer. Mostly I've been going into work and eating a fresh muffin and drinking an iced coffee for breakfast. (Much of this breakfast action can be seen on my twitter. I like taking pictures of my food.)

Heidi and I went out to Ebiza(?) and had some lovely sashima, including kobe beef. Totally delish. Tilly started obedience class this week and we went out to a great burger place in Westportal called Bullshead. They have buffalo burgers there. It was a dream come true. (omnomnomnom)

I had two days off this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) and went out grocery shopping on the Haight with Georgy on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun and we ran into... *insertdrumrollhere*... AMBER! Amber worked at The American last summer, she's a college student, a lot of fun, nice. It was very random. Heidi went to get her hair cut as Grasshopper, a salon very close to the restaurant. Afterwards we went to Zaza to get pedicures.

I have green toenails! Merherher.

And last night was band practice, which means tonight... DUM DUM DUM! Is a gig! Woooooo!


(I'm sorry this is a rushed entry, my mind is going as I get older. Everything jumbles in my brain :P )

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